Heritage Christian Services Provides Peace of Mind

Nancy Johnson, Legacy Society Member, and her son, Stephen.

For Nancy Johnson, Heritage Christian Services offers a safe home for her son Steve and provides her with peace of mind.

When Nancy’s husband, Robert Johnson, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in February 2004, she knew that if something happened to her, no one would be at home to care for Steve. Nancy wanted the security of knowing that Steve would be well cared for. A year after her husband’s death, she moved Steve into a Heritage Christian Services home. She says proudly, “Steve is so happy living at Heritage Christian.”

Nancy notes that Heritage Christian Services is one of the best organizations in New York, and, she believes, one of the best in the nation for those with developmental disabilities. She says that Steve has been blessed by the 24-hour care, especially when he was in the hospital a few times.

In gratitude, Nancy has now established a gift annuity through the Heritage Christian Services Foundation. A gift annuity, she explains, benefits both Heritage Christian Services and gives her a steady stream of income. With the current market, she says a gift annuity is an excellent option. She feels blessed by the high quality of care at Heritage Christian Services. Her gift is to ensure that the high standards of care continue to bless other families.




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